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Tonight when the usual rolling maintenance scripts run to download the latest server packages, part of the upcoming cPanel 11 made it into the upgrade, causing a blip in email service – all servers have been upgraded to cPanel 11. This is a 2 part upgrade, some services are not yet live but read on to find out more of what is to come!

The upgrade brings several enhancements and new functions:

  • Ruby on Rails Support (Coming Soon!)
  • WebDAV Support (Coming Soon!)
  • Enhanced Spam Filtering (Live Now!)
  • New Interface (Live Now!)
  • Apache 2 / PHP5 (Coming Soon!)
  • and many many more!

There are many adjustments behind the scenes being made now, even as I type this I have a few more servers upgrading, I hope to unleash most enhancements by Friday once I make adjustments to the server so, but for the most part you should see things starting to pop-up over the next day or so.

Some explanation for those of you going “Ruby on what?”

Ruby on Rails

A newer programming language much like we currently support with PHP/Perl – this is a next generation language which does tout some very easy to manage features – I am going to nail down the security so folks can use it safely.


This is for most a replacement for FTP. Imagine your website folders showing up on your desktop? Well once this is live, it will be, you can drag and drop files, no pesky “FTP” it’ll show up just like a drive, currently supported under Mac, Windows, and Linux – so as soon as it’s on, you have another way to get things online!

Apache 2 / PHP 5

This upgrade will be coming in a few weeks, when it does it should provide enhanced security and speed for applications and the server, with this upgrade, I am considering the removal of Frontpage support, as it has become more and more problematic.

More updates to come on this entire process – and if at ANY time you have an issue during this transition, please open a trouble ticket so things can be checked out and fixed up.