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Crazy October (10/15)

So a fresh week – new offers – this may be the last standard offer, I am working on something special to not only bless you, but in turn bless Ministries I have done work with, so stay tuned for that – but for now, on with Today’s CO Specials:

Current Customers

Always needing more and more? Just a little more this, and a little more that? While here at FlockHosting I always try to accommodate growing ministries, the bottom line is, sometimes growth comes at you quick – and overages can happen! So today’s special is simple, if your on any package you can upgrade to the expert package for simply $5 more a month. So your on the $5 Starter? $5+$5 = $10 a month gets you the Expert Package resources – this upgrade is limited, first 10 customers, as usual account must be in good standing and we’ll need to migrate you to the new billing system – but easy enough!

New Customers

New customers, this time around it’s a simple coupon 25% off your order – so any package, currently offered, and if you pre-pay for a year, imagine the discount there, PLUS you get your domain for free when you pre-pay for a year! So get to saving! The code is CO101525

Not what you want? Stick around, more coming this week!