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Crazy October – Standing Packages

So you asked, I am going to provide – over the remaining time there will be random specials, offers, so do check back, but for the remainder of the event, the following packages to new customers:

New Customers

The first new package is: The $120 Package (No, not monthly) – for 1 year of hosting, it’s all pre-paid, and it’s something special – this is a yearly offer, but good for as long as you keep the account active, and since it’s 1 year, your domain is free! So without further delay “The Package“:

  • 750MB Storage
  • 50GB Transfer
  • 100 POP3
  • 6 MySQL Databases (Great for Fantastico!)
  • 5 Parked Domains / 2 Add-on Domains (Domains not included)

Now for those who don’t need something so big, a smaller offer for half the price, same pre-pay, so for $60/yr there is the “Other Package“:

  • 450MB Storage
  • 25GB Transfer
  • 50 POP3
  • 3 MySQL Databases (Great for Fantastico!)
  • 5 Parked Domains / 1 Add-on Domains (Domains not included)

Current Customers

So those will stand till the end of the month, so don’t delay! Now onto current customers, the following upgrade is up for grabs, good on any standard account, and it’s only $50/yr – so it gives you some more space, for a great price:

  • +150MB Storage
  • +10GB Transfer
  • +10 POP3
  • +3 MySQL Databases (Great for Fantastico!)
  • +1 Add-on Domains (Domains not included)

All this will be added to your account, to upgrade you just need to contact_me, and I will get you all setup! So don’t delay – this too is on-going, if you have any questions if your eligible ask away!

Randomly throughout the remaining Crazy October time, there will be some free upgrades to random orders placed, special “Free Hosting” offers which crop up here on the blog, and more! So stay tuned!