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Billing FAQ's

Some mini-problems have cropped up for some users in the new billing system, and with all things new – that’s a given. I have been grateful to customers for their patience, goodwill, and in some cases even a sense of humor about the situations that have arose from the transition to the new system – but to nail down a few things, here are some points everyone should read, and understand:

  1. PayPal Payments – this is no longer a “one-time” payment, if you look closely when hitting the payment button your setting up a subscription. So try to get to your invoice before you due date, and you’ll get all sync’d up and never have to manually make a payment each month, PayPal will simply keep the subscription active for you.
  2. Time to Pay? – Several customers have asked when they need to pay. Basically you can pay any time once the invoice has been generated, so if it’s active in the system, your good to go. If you have a card on file, or a subscription with PayPal active, there’s nothing left for you to do. On your due date the card will be billed, or when your subscription was setup, it will process automatically.
  3. Canceling – While I am sad to see customers go, it is the way of the web sometimes, for some the site has run it’s course, for others it could be finances, none the less, please be sure to cancel your service before your new invoice is generated for service. Currently there are no “One-Time” payments options, they are being worked on, but for now if you sign up for a year, every year it will automatically renew. So be mindful of your renewal date, invoices are generated 15 days before the invoice would be due.
  4. Trouble Tickets – Tickets are no longer at MyTroubleTicket.com – it will soon become a outsourced IT troubleshooting system so if you used to email the address there, please re-direct yourself to the customer portal and open a ticket there, there are email addresses, however we ask that you keep them for Ticket Use only – if you want to open a ticket via email please be sure you are doing so with the email address on file or it will not be accepted.
  5. Visa / Mastercard Only? – With the new system FlockHosting now accepts all major credit cards. So if you have always longed to use your American Express for points, put it in our system, have a Discover card and want it to pay you back? Now you can, it’s 100% supported. So if you have a different preferred card vs. a Visa/Mastercard – your good to go.

So there you have it – a few points to know about the new Billing system! More FAQ’s to come!