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DNS Migrating!

Well the final things are falling into place, DNS was switched, and is slowly propagating across the web, this will do a few things, first of which is make deployment of new websites easier (Sorry to all customers new and old who had delays) – but it also allows once again the creation of Add-on, Parked, and Sub domains all from the cPanel interface without any interaction from me, so your good to go!

If you notice anything odd with your website, please do let me know ASAP, ticket system is up and online (it’ll be moving tonight to it’s new server) – but once all this has settled, things will move onto a few growth points, some new add-on’s which will be free to all, some upgrades to customers for their patience in this move, and some specials! The Simple package released in 2007 will be phased out, and a new Simple 2008 will take it’s place, so stay tuned for that as well.

Lot’s coming up, stay tuned for more!