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Faith to PHP5

The date has been set, a newsletter will go out Monday to confirm, but Faith will be migrating to PHP5 on Friday (01/11) at 11:45PM – the last upgrade went very smoothly so I am doing it a little earlier, downtime like last time will be under 30 minutes as services are backed-up and re-compiled to migrate the systems to PHP5 and Apache 2.

If you have not done so already, please ensure your applications are up to date – out of the entire server we only had 2 tiny blips, so Praise the Lord! Thanks to everyone for their prayers, and their promptness to upgrade applications to ensure compatibility.

The new year is getting started, some minor rocky spots, but God is Good. So stay tuned, once all servers have migrated to a PHP5 configuration, other upgrades are coming, and some server migrations as well, over a year, and I like to keep the hardware new, fresh, and giving you the best stability/speed as possible. If you have not been getting the newsletter, do let me know, and I’ll get you added ASAP! A sign-up will be eventually added to the new homepage (coming soon!).

Lots coming, lots to do, prayers are appreciated! Happy New Year Everyone!