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Faith Upgrading!

The process has begun, there may outages during this time on Faith, I do apologize for the outage, but these upgrades are for security and stability of the servers, so please bear with me, things should be rolling smooth again here very shortly. I will update this post with an update as things progress, prayers are appreciated!

Update: A few sites had some issues, if you find yourself stuck, please feel free to open a trouble ticket, there may be 1 more quick re-compile (brief brief downtime, maybe 1-45 seconds) but we’ll see how the day goes, please try to keep all issues to a single ticket, so if you find more glitches, add to your current ticket. Some customers will see a ticket created by me, found a few bugs, some I could fix, some I can’t – so please open or review a ticket today if your having issues!

Happy Saturday!