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Migration Update

The migration is still chugging along, however it looks like Faith will be pushed to tonight – as it stands the current line is just not performing well (some attacks going on + migration = slow) – so sadly things have not moved as quickly as hoped, however some customers from Shepherd are 100% live on the new system, so your continued prayers and patience are appreciated. I hope to have further updates here soon, please bear in mind cPanel will most likely provide you with a SSL error, between the two servers – so just hang tight a little longer, working on wrapping up all of shepherd, then it’s off to Faith.

Stay tuned here for more updates on the move, so far sites running look good! So definitely Praise the Lord for that! More updates shortly!

Update: The Migration of Shepherd is completed – I am in the process of adjusting the hostname of the server to point to the new server, as well as get all parked/secondary domains properly aligned, I will post an update about the migration of Faith very soon, looking at possibly tonight or Sunday night. Stay tuned for more updates.