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MySQL5 in Testing

2008 is bringing a lot of changes to FlockHosting, a lot of it is the back-end hardware and software which powers things, thus I am actively working on testing the migration to MySQL5 which is the new “standard” so to speak, while active support has ended on MySQL4.x builds, they continue to support it thru 2009, it’s limited in the overall performance adjustments they’ll add etc. – so MySQL5 much like PHP5 is in the radar of things to upgrade.

Several test sites were put into a MySQL5 roll-out as part of a test of the new servers (coming soon!) and no issues have been found as of yet, a few more sites will be rolled out soon for further testing, like with PHP5, I encourage all customers to verify their applications in use work with MySQL5, most should, but if a large number of clients have issue in migration we will hold out fleet wide until applications are brought up to speed.

Stay tuned for even more updates, a Newsletter will be going out on Monday to explain some of the changes coming in the next 2 weeks, so hang tight, keep your eyes peeled here and in your email! Happy Sunday!