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The Spam Battle

Many folks are reporting a flux in how much spam email they get on average, and I can safely say “I know what you mean!” – the spam filter included on all accounts SpamAssassin is a great tool, but like most tools that battle spam, it can’t always be 100% – and most tools simply look to battle and reduce spam, aiming for that 100%, but sometimes falling much, much shorter in performance.

One of the older filters that was originally offered as a Add-on (still is, will be removed soon) still does filtering for some business customers, and even the tracking on that tends to bounce around, 93% is the average over a week, 93% of all email that comes in is spam. A scary thought – but bear in mind even though it has effectively blocked 93% that still means resources were used, the email still came in, the email was processed, and in some cases with a spam box, it is or did take up disk space.

So thus the new options in the works as mentioned in the newsletter, a commercial proxy based filter helps greatly, it receives the mail first, and what’s GOOD comes thru, so instead of being processed locally, it remotely gets filtered, scanned, and if good delivered to your inbox – and that in the end is what I am shooting for, a solution that is ultra-affordable, as well as accurate, providing all customers clean email at hopefully a simple “yearly” price, so one time a year you pay, and you get 365 days of protection on your email.

Another option in the works at least until enough desire for a paid service or a lower price is found, it is a new filtering system that will live on the servers, as usual I’ll be putting this thru its paces on a test server before even considering placing it on a live server, so hopefully 2-3 weeks, if not sooner if all goes well – but I’ll keep you all posted with more updates as I have them!