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New Email + Spam Filtering Options

After some testing, toying across not one, but three operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, Linux) there will be some new email options added to the server soon – and these will play out a little different than what we have now. Storage used via this email add-on will not take away from the storage on your website, so if you take this upgrade, you’ll be using totally separate storage.

The pricing has been a big big big issue, and I am happy to report that the pricing is now below $1.00, giving you 500MB-1GB of email storage, again, that is completely separate from that of your current storage, if you have mail on server, we can even move it over for you free of charge!

Full pricing will be on the site by mid-week, the service will not go online till April 20th, but there will be a form to pre-signup, and folks who do will get some additional storage at no cost, I am just looking to find those who have a interest in the product, more news will go out this week as well in the newsletter about some changes, upgrades, etc. so stay tuned for more information to follow! Hope you have a blessed Sunday!