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FlockHosting.com is Back!

I apologize for the day of outages, several things just went very very wrong – and I have come to the conclusion some changes are needed to keep things running smoothly if and when there are outages, originally it was make this site a separate server, but for the first time in 3 years it went down as well – so the flow of information quite simply was not there.

The long-story of it all is some maintenance that was meant to be quick, wasn’t so quick – some network issues with Shepherd persisted and resulted in a large number of domains being un-accessible for a few hours in the AM – most customer sites were returned to normal in the early afternoon solving the network issues, however FH was left offline doing a disk check (required every so often) however it took much longer than expected leaving FH.com offline.

Some changes will be made in how all of this is handled, I do apologize for everyone for the outages if they were effected, if you are having problems please email me directly or open a ticket for further assistance.