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Preparing for Site Re-Launch!

Software is getting updated as I wait for the final servers to reboot, upgraded the backend, uploading the new theme, transferring the content from the dev. database – it’s like preparing cookies, putting all the ingredients in, baking, and tasty perfection with that first bite!

I am very excited to get this new website up and running, again I can’t say thank you enough to Josh Renaud for the FH logo, the great site layout that has served FlockHosting these past few years, it was an amazing blessing.

So stay tuned, as things lead into the weekend it will start to pan out with a time table for upgrades (also starting slowly this weekend) – also watch for new support ticket for the department “Upgrades” to appear as your hosting accounts get your free resources upgrades! Lots to do, and eventually I am going to get the sleep to do it 😉

Thanks for your continued prayers in all of this! Much appreciated! Take Care and see you on the new website!