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Saying Goodbye to Frontpage

Over the next 2 months I will be removing Frontpage from the servers, Frontpage Extensions for Linux have not seen an update in some time, and some say the threat of a security risk is becoming more and more real – so I am working on a write up on how to move your Frontpage website to use WebDAV or FTP to manage your websites.

I realize that many utilize the tool to manage their website so I want to keep it able to function but not the “default” way that Microsoft has configured it – if you want to get a head start on things, check this article [link] to a document from Microsoft on how to change to a different way of publishing your website – it’s fairly quick, and fairly easy – but on my list of upcoming tutorials I am working on I plan to make a easy how-to for users new and old on how to connect to the server.

The target date to have all servers free of Frontpage is November 25th. If you use Frontpage and are concerned please open a ticket, between now and it’s removal we can find a solution that suits you and ensures you can manage your website continues to function properly! Any extended time it takes to reach this goal is provided by FlockHosting to get you squared away – no fees, no hourly rates, simple – easy – help.