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Software Notes: Upgrade WordPress

As part of what I hope to be a regular posting on ways to use various apps – this first post really covers an important thing at the moment – if you have a WordPress blog you utilize for your blog/site/etc. today is the day you upgrade.

Currently there is a worm roaming the internet which attacks specifically old WordPress installs – it checks most likely for common URL formats so for instance wp-admin, looking for a way to attack – there have been reports of modified permalinks and added administrators for future use – so today is a good day to upgrade!

If your on a newer version of WordPress and just need an upgrade – use the internal “Upgrade” button that appears, it works great, brings your files up to date, and gets you blog off and running very quickly – if your on a version before the addition of the built-in upgrade process¬† – then you will need to upgrade via Fantastico if you used it to install -or- you can do a manual upgrade by downloading the latest version at WordPress.org – the process for a manual install is pretty simple – if you have a custom template use leave the wp-content folder as-is, that will save your themes and plugins – then all WordPress files – EXCEPT wp-config.php and wp-content from your FTP folder.

This will give you a folder with maybe some files you uploaded but primarly wp-admin/wp-includes will be gone – now unzip the file you downloaded from WordPress.org and upload those new files in – once uploaded you can login, it will make a note you need to upgrade, this process upgrades your database format to the latest version it’s usually fairly quick and painless, next after your logged in goto your Plugins section and if any plugins need an upgrade, be sure they are upgraded as well.

Now if you get stuck, or need assistance in upgrading – open a ticket, I am more than happy to help as it’s easier to upgrade that help in repairing damage – so please don’t hesitate to open a ticket – the assistance is free (tips are welcomed) but this help comes with no required cost, I may get a small backlog, but I’ll do what I can to assist and help get you up-to-date.

So go forth, update!