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The Bits and Bytes: Server Tweaks

There are many things in the works for FlockHosting, of which first and foremost has been the stability and safety of my client’s data and the uptime of the servers, and to that end the migration of servers last night was a “good idea” however with the best laid plans – things can go sadly quite wrong, the amount of data took longer than expected, and thus what was to be an hour kept growing and growing – but thru the storm of outages this morning, FlockHosting is working to become more and more stable thru these upgrades and migrations, new servers migrated and active, and things are firming up.

To say sorry to all customers an offer of 50% off all of the new email services, even if the primary server for your website is offline, this email is a separate system and your email will continue to work even if the lights go off on your website – and it’s not all I want to do to make up for things, so more is to come!

If your a current customer and want more information on the email hosting or want to get it ordered for your self, use the coupon code: SOSORRY to get a 50% off the listed prices – and this is for the lifetime of the account, not just a one shot saving 50% then back to full price – 50% off for the lifetime of your account.

And as always, remember FlockHosting is here to meet your needs if I can, my virtual door is always open, drop me a tweet, email, IM, FB Message, etc. and let me know what you need and I will do my best to help you achieve what you need.

Last jump tonight, keep an eye on FB/Twitter for updates!