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New Packages? Nope. New Package.

Years ago when FH started, things were simple – no one went around trying to get UNLIMITED this or that, needs were simple, I remember the original “MEGA” site Stacie Orrico Online had I believe a whomping 800MB of storage needed, back then that was huge, FH was just starting out and I gave it a try, making it as affordable while not going entirely broke getting a server, resources and hardware to handle everything – of course now days companies offer you the entire farm with fine print hidden in the haystack.

I’ve always done my part to make sure there is no storage unclear limits – and to that end, FH is going to get some changes here very soon, I had honestly hoped to wrap things up this weekend with the new website, but with Graduations, family considerations etc. not 100% sure I will get it done so I wanted to share what is going to happen on the new website.

No more breakdowns of various sizes of packages, if you have a Personal, Business, or Church site, there is 1 primary package – and it’s price is $5. Simple. Easy, no comparing between pages, $5 gets you online, no long-term contracts, no fuss, $5 a month – however it’s not to say I don’t want to cater to various groups, so there are add-on’s for the $5 package, entire custom build solutions:

eCommerce: There will be 2 packages, 1 for those simply using say a PayPal based cart not needing SSL/IP address – and one which will include the SSL/IP address & a shopping cart – there 2 cart options at the moment, you’ll get a rundown on those on the website.

Church/Ministry: No Fuss. I am often approached by pastors or the church youth group leader on a way to get online quick, easy like company X who offers all these neat features – well this addon allows for bulk storage on the new media server ranging from 5-50GB of storage as low as $2.50 a month as well as a set of themes you can choose from to get online quick and easy – want a designer’s touch? New Designers page gives a listing of FH customers who can help you get going!

I considered a Personal package, however most folks using the service for personal accounts will find fun and useful scripts to get going in Fanastico or Installatron, both offering a lot of great scripts to give your site some ease of management.

So things are coming along nicely, just maybe not as quickly as hoped! If you have an idea for an add-on, submit it! Either drop me an email or a comment here on the blog or facebook or twitter – let me know your idea for a add-on that may fit your need/group/church/ministry – and if I use it? 3 Months Free Hosting on your account!

Now as noted before those of you on the various current packages, or even more so the OLDER packages from waaaaay back when, will be getting quarterly upgrades, some info on that will be released soon as to limits for these quarterly upgrades – as much as I’d love to give them every quarter forever, at some point I’d just need to give you your own server, so there are going to be some max-outs, but not before you have a hefty hosting package – so your not going to be left out!

So stay tuned! More to come!