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Rebuilding FlockHosting.com

So the usual “hard” project for me has started. Re-Design. Re-Building.

FlockHosting started out very humble, some carefully crafted code, some 10 years ago, a basic billing system I actually wrote from scratch, and a trouble ticket system that was free and clunky 🙂 It’s come a long way, and it’s getting a make-over in the front end as well as the backend.

A few things will be changing, the never growing knowledge base is getting removed – it’s clunky, hard to keep updated, not very well “organized” within the billing software – may work for others using the software, but not me, leaves out some freedoms, and thus most of the “How-To” is moving to a Wiki – this also will in-time allow users (of which are designers) to also contribute/submit their own tips/tricks to help you build your website, and utilize lesser known features you may have no idea are even on your FlockHosting Account!

Billing is under some testing, trying out a new software that should ease some of the issues in the past like canceling, upgrading, and such – while the current software can do instant upgrades, its just time for a complete overhaul, by the end of the first quarter 2011 I hope to have a new system or a really well oiled current system in place to really make it easier to manage your account end to end.

Now for sparkle and shine – the front end is getting a makeover – not just the look, but all the packages, going to slim it back down, after many months, the new packages have just furthered to complicate options – do you sign up for personal? but you kind of want to do eCommerce… what to do what to do…. Simplify. Going to 4 plans that are set – Simple, Standard, Complex, and Mega – not the same “MEGA” as the giveaways – but something quite large, and new discounts for buying in years (going to offer up to 3 years in advance) – but should be some nice sized increases.

So hopefully things will shape up here soon and be online to make the order process easier, to make upgrading easier, to do a lot of things easier 🙂 Also gives me a chance in many areas to continue an audit of all servers and customers getting things on-track and working smoothly again because next year I do hope to bring on someone to help with accounting and basic support – so would like to hand that over to them at least 80% up to date 😉 So your help in updating your records/paying off standing bills/closing un-used accounts would be greatly appreciated!

Stay tuned for more! Thanks for reading! Have a Good Week!