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I am always looking for new ways to support customers, from more resources, to deals on software, new services and tools, I want to give customers the most bang for their buck, ease of managing, and as always a good line to me for communicating needs and support.

CloudflareEnter Cloudflare the latest additional service to come to FlockHosting! For most of you who are not hosting tech junkies like myself, you may be saying “Uh, what is it?” well it’s a service that helps speed up your website, providing your websites content via a network of servers, thus saving you bandwidth – but they don’t stop there, they include security too! Fewer spam bots, fewer attempts on your Scripts you have installed, bottom line is they help protect!

So how much does something like this cost? How hard is it to setup? How do I get it? Cost is Free, yes another freebie, they do offer a “PRO” package, but for most users the free service is going to be perfect! Setup is a breeze, a new icon will be added to servers, you will find it in cPanel with the lovely cloud above, and its only a few clicks and it makes the needed changes to your domain to switch it over to CloudFlare’s service, so may have a brief window of outage as it swaps over, and last but not least How do you get it? Over the next few days it’s going to be rolled out to servers slowly.

The service also provides Apps which range from tools, to advanced stats – and growing, not to mention some data to examine including how much bandwidth it has saved you, review of search engines who have indexed you and some more! Again, all this is free 🙂 Part of what I hope is a long-term Partnership with Cloudflare – but to get a better look at stats they provide see this screen shot of my own blog’s data:

Cloudflare Stats

For a few weeks as we continue to build this up with the crew at Cloudflare, the option will only be enabled to customers who request it, by default in the future it will be a icon in cPanel and anyone can take advantage, but for starters looking for a few brave souls who would like to get access to this early! Interested? Send me an email, open a ticket, live chat, respond here, or Comment on this reposted on Facebook! Hope to hear from you soon!