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Church Hosting Changes!

So if your on Facebook/Twitter you saw the note, Church Hosting is changing. First and foremost, key feature – 100% Free – however a few commonly asked questions were:

  • So I can’t upload HTML pages?
  • Dreamweaver Doesn’t work?
  • These themes are complicated! Do you have others?

Well I have been really looking at options, my hope was to provide churches with the ability to host and manage their websites via WordPress, and that still is 100% an option, however – for those with a web team already, and WordPress is constricting them in some way, or they are simply already in the habit of doing things a certain way with a HTML editor and FTP client – Church Hosting is now for you too.

Previously the deal was a hefty discount to churches not wanting to use WordPress as a management tool – well today that changes there are now two options that will be deployed Monday along with the Customer Appreciation festivities! So what can you expect? How are they different? Well lets break it down a little:

Church Hosting (WordPress Managed)

Same key features though I am going to unlock WordPress completely! No more limitations, no “You lack Permissions – Go Away!” its 100% yours to work with, and I am still 100% at your disposal, just email or post in the forums what your hoping to accomplish and I’ll lend some help to see what we can do to customize and get things rolling!

Church Hosting (Self Managed)

Your a pro – you have a team, they are brimming with ideas, they want to make a cool flash based audio player that does video audio, etc. and your ready to go! Good news, you have the keys to the castle – with your setup you’ll get full cPanel and FTP rights like a standard account at FlockHosting!


Other Changes

So key things are changing to accommodate these changes, here’s a rundown:

  • Accounts will be charged a hefty fee of $0.00 every month. Sorry Billing System requires it. No cards will be harmed in the processing of these invoices 😉
  • All accounts will have CloudFlare Activated – great way to speed up your site and make sure it delivers your pages at top speeds worldwide!
  • Video Hosting is restricted – I’d ask you look at options like YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv in the mean time, all have free options, but Video Hosting is coming soon, just not built into things yet.
  • All accounts are under Good Stewards Program [link] – There will be some limits set, more currently hard pressed on Storage vs. Bandwidth – but I hope to eliminate that limitation in the coming months.
  • Hoping all churches developers will share their knowledge and time helping other churches via the Community Forums [link] – I would love to help each and every site but if we can build a community of churches helping we can do some amazing stuff!

When does this all happen?

Monday September 5, 2011 – or as it’s commonly known as The Start of Customer Appreciation Month!

I really do hope these changes will help churches ease their hosting budgets, I would ask if you have a LARGE library of sermons your wanting to bring over off the bat, to please contact me first before you begin uploading massive archives, I have a few other options that will help you get them online and manage them easier.

So stay tuned! More exciting things coming from FlockHosting!