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It’s coming….. Are You Ready?

Customer Appreciation Month!

It’s all about you. The customer.

Last year I had a BLAST! You would have thought I a mad man crazy with power! (Okay I kind of was!) 🙂 For not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 weeks of fun! This year will be even better! I love getting to give back to customers! I can’t always do so one on one, but hey for one month a year, I get to spoil you all rotten! 😀

So stay tuned, September 5th – Week One Begins. How do you get involved? Be sure you watching on Facebook, Twitter and Here, this year should be some fun on all 3 🙂 Who knows may even be some t-shirts going out this year in addition to the usual hosting giveaways, and if I get really wild, may be some other goodies too… I mean how cool would a FlockHosting mouse pad be? (The answer? REALLY AWESOME!!) 😀

Spread the word, it’s a good time to be a customer, even going to be some coupons put out to give to friends this year to get some great start-up savings to get rolling with FlockHosting!