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Need your 2 Cents!

Feedback is king.

Over the last 9 years FlockHosting has grown, over the last 6 months some big leaps! Adding in functions like a Site Builder, Cloudflare, Live Help, Online Community, and most recently the launch of a “Wish List” via UserVoice – but I know things like a Site Builder aren’t the end all / be all for every customer.

I am hoping though I can encourage everyone to join in and really give me some feedback! I am looking for new ideas, new resources, do I need more help for users using Mac’s? Windows 7? How about a new scripting language, or additional modules for the current ones? As we enter September and start the fun of the annual Customer Appreciation Month, I hope I can count on customers & visitors alike helping build a path for new things to come!

As always aside from all the resources above like the Community, Live Help and Wish List,¬†that I can count on you to drop me an email, looking for testimonials too! Want to have a 3rd party happy with service versus me say “FlockHosting Rocks, the customers like me!” ūüôā

So stay tuned next week as we start into the fun of Customer Appreciation Month! This  year going to hopefully have some more tangible goodies in addition to upgrades!