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Customer Appreciation – Week Two.

What a week last week! Started off peachy, and ended with some server issues on Praise, but that’s behind us now and moving forward into a 2nd week, with some scattered surprises and mini-contests thru the week on Twitter, Facebook and the Forum (Still 2 -$5 credits on the forum… just waiting! Sign-up and post on the thread, one could be yours!)

This week’s sponsor is an old friend of FlockHosting, Mr. Chris Vacher [Website] – Chris has always been an uplifting supporter of FlockHosting – even while offline this past week due to outage, he sent a thanks for keeping him updated on the status of things! I enjoy reading his blog now and again as a music man myself, he has some great resources! So if you’re a worship leader, or want yours to have a good resource, Check out his site!

So todays two parter on behalf of Chris is the following:

#1 Unlimited Databases & Unlimited Email – All accounts will be moved up to our standard, no need to hold you back in the past packages, all packages will get full use of their storage and will be able to create as many Databases or Email accounts for your package.

– AND –

#2 A discount code “CAMWEEK2” – This is for customers pre-purchasing for 1-3 years – it’s a 10% discount, plus it is for 3 years of the account not just a one shot deal, so for 3 billing cycles you’ll enjoy a 10% discount from your account! Great if you have a fresh site idea in the works or a friend needing a deal on their business/personal website! This one is good for 30 people, but is valid thru month’s end.

So there’s week two! If you haven’t been be sure to enter for the big giveaway at month’s end! Also all discount codes floating around are still valid thru the month’s end, so if a discount looks good to you, it’s still valid! Also be sure to check out the community forums, that link will work once your signed up, come join the community!  (And be one of the lucky 2 remaining people to earn a $5 credit on their account!) 😀

Lastly if you haven’t seen your upgrades yet, don’t worry, they are still rolling out slowly but surely, should have a few more batches done tonight!