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Extended Outage on Praise

I can not apologize enough for this outage, I am not one to stand idle and do nothing, however after fighting for hours to trying and keep the server online – the Datacenter and I have come to the conclusion were slowing things down, so to help speed along the process of the array re-syncing properly the server is going to stay offline for the time being, aside from helping speed things up they feel it will help keep data in-tact and safe so a small price to pay vs. rebuilding an entire server and pulling day-old backups.

This is not an easy call for me, as it means extending an already long outage and while outages like this are rare, I do not like leaving folks offline – so we are monitoring things closely in hopes that with the server not fighting against the re-sync process, that it will speed it along and bring things back online sooner than later.

At worst, they are estimating ~4 hours of downtime additionally, and as per my statement on Facebook, while out of my hands, my service to you the customer is websites that are online – so any customer on praise can ask 1 month of service free as my extension of not just talking the talk, but standing true to my services.

Your continued prayers and even thank you’s I’ve gotten are GREATLY appreciated – again I do apologize for the outage, and I do hope to have your sites back up and running ASAP!

Chuck Brown


Update (6:20pm): Fighting here to find a solution, worked with the datacenter to put an idea I had into place, currently no Webmail, cPanel access – but websites should be back up and online, email should be flowing via POP3/IMAP/SMTP – in about 3 hours when the disk sync is done, Webmail, cPanel will be brought back online… be gentle, still a delicate fix. Further updates will be posted here.

Update (1:21am 9/9): Getting things leveled out, disk sync reports now at around 40% completed – Webmail, FTP, cPanel are currently disabled, as well as anti-virus for email, if your check email via Webmail ONLY – please get in touch with me, and I’ll assist with alternatives like using a Desktop Client vs. The Web.

Update (3:30pm): Datacenter reports 70% completed, but going good, hoping to turn on additional services later this evening, again very sorry for the sluggish response and down services, thanks for your patience and kindness thru this entire process!

Update (9:40pm): The drive is completely sync’d and services are slowly coming back online – sluggish may continue for another 12-24 hours as some services which normally run every few hours have been offline! So server has catching up to do for stats, and other services – please bear with me just a little longer – there may be a quick reboot this evening too, just to flush out things and restore all services to 100% normal!

Thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding and support! Much appreciated indeed! If anything else comes up while were leveling out I’ll update this post! But this weekend back to the fun! More Customer Appreciation stuff on the way!