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Support Seeing Problems

Most trouble tickets in the queue go something like this (please note this is simply paraphrasing, not an actual ticket, no customers were harmed in the making of this example) 🙂

Dear Support,

My website is not responding – Did I do something wrong?

Sincerely,Concerned Customer

So pretty standard all in all, an issue, but sometimes I need more complex data, and its not something thats an icon or easy to access say a traceroute, some customers know, some don’t but in many cases seeing the problem would help resolve the issue – so starting today I have a solution, Join.me.

The service is 100% free of charge (they do have a pro option which is paid but were focusing on the free version) – with this tool you can easily install it on your Windows or Mac and provide me a view of your computer, this way I can see whats going on and even if you allow take control of your computer to help make adjustments to your email account, ftp settings, diagnose from your computer why you can’t access your website, email is broken, you name it if its a problem, I’ll be able to see it first hand.

I am continuing to try and improve customer care, from a revamp of the Knowledge Base coming soon, to more support options to really do my best to take care of all customers and ensure your able to manage, access and interact with the servers and get the most use out of your websites.

To use the service just goto Join.me and choose “Share” you’ll get a small application download for Mac it’s a pkg, and for Windows it’s an exe – once you run the program your screen my flicker or flash, but once its settled a hovering box will appear:

This is a screenshot of the Mac version – you’ll note the box at the top that says join.me/345-153-671 – if your chatting with me and want me to take a look, simply send me the 6 digit code and were off and running.

Once connected the last 2 icons on the right will change, the person will the number of viewers (2 = Me and You) and the mouse will turn orange, from that button you can allow me access to your desktop to lend assistance.

Again this is all 100% free of charge and by the company LogMeIn which has some great services and tools I use for managing my own computers – it’s a great tool which I hope customers can use to get even better support from FlockHosting so if your in a bind and need a hand, catch me on Live Chat and give me your 6 digit code, and assistance is coming your way!