Email Changes

Over the next 48 hours or so I am migrating the mail system I use for FlockHosting, this means some changes – most of which will be transparent, you can still reach me at my normal address ( but the addresses that will actually have a change are those attached to The Customer Zone.

The change is pretty simple though, no need to re-write entire address book entries, the address will be changing quite simply from ->, but the address format will remain the same.

Why would you have these addresses on file? Well as a customer if your email address your sending from matches your email account on file, it opens a ticket for you in the department you emailed, and attaches it to your account! Makes getting help even easier!

If your not sure of the addresses here you go!

  • Tech Support – Assistance with site malfunctions, loss of access, etc. (1-24 hours response) –
  • General Help – Questions on How-To, Site Help, Random Questions – Non-Priority Support (1hr-3 days response) –
  • Billing / Sales – Billing Questions – or Pre-Sale questions. (1-24 hours response)  –

So there you have it! Just some minor changes, but working to organize FlockHosting’s email system a bit better, and really manage it better on the go!