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Saturday Tuneups!

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Server Tune-ups

It’s a mellow weekend in for me, doing some server work for security, some for performance, and others just some experimenting in the lab that is my test server! The feature in testing this week is some general account maintenance and improvements on billing/server functionality.

One thing customers have had to always open a ticket for in the past was password changes – so if you forgot, if your web designer changed, if the dog ate your scratch paper with it written down – you’ll be able to change it yourself!

Now this testing isn’t just about passwords either, upgrades too! While there is always the Good Steward Program rolling out freebies, may be a time where you say “I NEED MORE NOW PLEASE!” well working to make it easy for you to do it and be good to go!

Instant Account Setups for current customers! So if you already have a package with FlockHosting and want to setup something and are in a hurry (or even if not!) the system will deploy it for you the moment your bill is paid and get it taken care of! Very quick and snazzy! 🙂

Hoping to finish testing this next week and get folks all switched over come the first of the year – this too should help sinch up billing, setup, upgrades, and cancelations as they come up, so hope to keep this rolling and get you all setup and good to go January 1!

Upcoming Maintenance

So some server maintenance windows are upon us, and they will require an estimated 2-3 hours, these are some fair upgrades and adjustments to really future-proof servers with IPv6, some enhanced security, and improvements on the failover systems of these servers.

The servers and times are as follows:

  • – October 26th (4AM PDT/GMT-7)
  • Praise – October 29th (10PM PDT/GMT-7)
We have a few more similar to these coming in the last bit of this year, increasing drive storage, memory and some CPU upgrades too – so stay tuned for any further notices like this – on the maintenance windows I’ll keep you posted on progress and anything which may effect the time frame (good or bad) so check back often!
We’ll that’s it from FH HQ – Stay tuned for more information coming soon! Have a Blessed Weekend!