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The Holiday Catch-Up!

Christmas is upon us! And while it is still a week away, it feels like New Years is tomorrow! So the prequel to a newsletter, a catch-up blog post! Much to say so hopefully you can spare a moment and review things below!



Support Updates

So some of you have found the live chat on the bottom of the blog and FlockHosting.com – some of you have used it on a regular basis, but some still stick to Email or Trouble ticket, which is perfectly a-ok! Just trying to continue to make support more and more accessible no matter the medium you choose to contact me!

To that end, I am bringing back IM using Google Talk – for many users who already use Google’s Gmail and Google Talk services, this is a piece of cake to get running you simply add “chuck@flockhosting.com” to your friends list, and “Tada!” you can get in touch! However for anything aside from basic support you will need to make sure your Google Address is on-file in the customer zone to get in-depth support say fixing up a script or password changes.

Like LiveChat option this isn’t 24/7 (I do need to sleep) but if you see Me online, your welcome to ask a question or even just say “Hello!”

Faith Upgrade

The server Faith is on some legacy hardware and things must be shifted around, give Me time to migrate things to newer software and ensure ability of hardware and software upgrades in the months to come – so January 5th I’ll begin the project of upgrading this machine, downtime should be minimal, but some features like SiteBuilder & Softaculous maybe take a day or two to find their way back to the server.


Upgrades to Billing and Knowledgebase

The billing system has a BIG upgrade coming in here soon – I have had it in testing and its working good, should make some features and functions easier and easier, and make the transition to intergrating it with servers better so that you can order and be online quicker, and too if a site must come to an end, you handle cancelation without having to open a ticket, its instant.

Knowledgebase too is getting some fresh tutorials and answered questions that I’ve got commonly as of late, plus if time allows a few video tutorials for Mac and Windows 7 users, so stay tuned!


Holiday Hours

I will be traveling this holiday season, but I have internet access available, as every year for my ease and yours, please use the Trouble Ticket system, it will help me support you on the go, I will be out of the office on the road from the 22nd -> 27th, and some traveling on the 1st-2nd but all servers are always monitored 24/7 and have teams in the data center ready to help if its something beyond my control (hardware related).


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I am very thankful for all of the Flock Hosters! I hope you and yours have a blessed Christmas! And I look forward to serving you in 2012!