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10 Year Fun!

Time for a bit more trivia fun!

When FlockHosting started the logo wasn’t as it is now, it was redesigned by long time customer Josh Renaud (Thanks again as always Josh!) but before Josh spruced me up a bit, what was the logo?

Not sure? There is a backup question: What were the package names? (Hint: There were 4 packages) – comment here and first 4 folks (total between either question) get a $10 credit on their account!

Even if there are 4 folks, keep posting, may be parting gifts for those who don’t get into the top 4 🙂 Guessing ends in 1 hour (and some change 6pm West Coast Time)!





Update: So after a quick decompress after work, and came back to some answers! (Thanks for playing!) so the winners are Jospeh, Katie and Brent – The logo was indeed 3 Sheep!

Oh those were good ol times, as for the 4 packages we started with:

But everyone’s a winner! $10 credits will be applied to your accounts! Thanks for playing! Taking a break for the weekend, working on a fresh video, hope everyone has a blessed Easter Sunday! More on Monday! Take Care!

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