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So by now you have probably seen the posts on Twitter and Facebook  about some fun – to enter all you must do is simply answer a question, and there is no right/wrong answers to any of these its a way of having some feedback as things wrap up here for this month of fun, each is going to have a mystery gift revealed at the end of the day 5PM 10PM – so you have 6 hours roughly to come up with a reply to each!


The question here to respond in the comments with: What tools/resources/incentives would help you further promote FlockHosting to your friends, family, church? How can we help you get the word out?

One answer per-person (unless someone else duplicated in which case you can repost a second option) – answers will get closed/cutoff around 5pm – all three prizes will be announced as the drawings complete! So take a chance, give a few minutes of your time and maybe win a fun prize! (I promise it’s not an autographed photo of me!)

9PM UPDATE — Final Hour! Keep the ideas coming! Remember even if you simply support an idea already listed, post your support!

3 thoughts on “Blog Only Fun!


    If we refer someone, maybe a coupon for free domain registration that first year with a special signup coupon from a current Flockhosting subscriber?

    How about a free autographed photo with each referral to the person who referred! Eh! Eh!

  2. discounts are always good, but maybe you could have a contest every month or quarter… whoever brings in the most new customers during that time gets a prize… Amazon gift card, free hosting for the next quarter, or TACOS WITH CHURCK!

    peace… love… bdg…

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