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Last Minute Prize Addition….

So I know folks have been slow to enter, slow to post, slow to believe these prizes are maybe truly going out? Maybe feel bad to take prizes from a company that gives you a deal on hosting? Not sure – but these prizes are for fun! Excitement! Getting you involved, so to that end, going to offer my biggest prize yet.


Oh yes – you read that right, your Website is Hosted for 10 Years – 100% Free. No gimmick, No quick promotional period, hosting grows with you with Good Stewards Program, Package Upgrades as other customers get them, same support, service, and friendly Chuck 🙂

Oh but wait, there’s more! To encourage folks even more – all current entries, are tripled! So if you entered on any of the current options you have all x3! Now to encourage others for the next 3 hours (till 7PM Pacific or California Time as I’ve been told it’s called lol) all entries received are DOUBLED!  You could easily get 20 additional entries to this big drawing tonight!

So as a reminder of how you can get additional entries:

  • Tweet about FlockHosting (Be sure to tag @flockhosting)
  • Post about FlockHosting on Facebook (Be sure to tag FlockHosting in the post!)
  • Add a banner (linklink2) or text link to your site linking to ie: Hosted by FlockHosting – and post a comment here with a link to your site.
  • Refer a Customer, all customer types are valid from Domains, Church Hosting, Personal or Business! Make sure they give your name in the comments or email me after ordering.
  • Email in a testimonial, help me give others reasons to sign-up by sending in a testimonial I can post on to encourage others to sign-up!
  • Video Testimonial – Doesn’t have to be professionally done, Cellphone, Camera, Webcam will do, but record at least 15 seconds of you talking about why you choose FlockHosting, you’ll get your name in the hat 5 times!

Now to also remind you of the full prize list:

  • Kindle Touch (Info)
  • 1 Year TUTS+ Premium  (Info)
  • AppleTV (Info)
  • 1 Year of Hosting Services
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • 10 Years of Hosting Services New!
  • 8×10 Autographed Photo of Me… Okay not really 🙂

I really do hope you will join in the fun, even if for this last day of celebrating! I really do appreciate all customers who host with FlockHosting! Keep spreading the word, and have some additional fun with me as we wrap up this celebration of 10 years, and who knows in 10 years you may be telling folks how you have enjoyed 10 Years of FREE Hosting!

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