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Busy Busy Busy Busy + More Busy :-)

Not sure about you but for me the month of June has been a BUSY one! Lots of side work doing some development for a few local businesses, and too keeping up on security announcements for software used here at FlockHosting – so I know this month can be crazy! To top it off, in under 5 days I’m doing a 5k called Color Me Rad, so my busy isn’t quite done yet!

So to that end as noted previously on the Facebook page, I am extending all promotion codes, contests, and giveaways thru the end of July! These are now “Summer Promotions!” (clever I know) 🙂 So if you have been busy too, you have a bit more time, but don’t delay, already some folks entered and on board for the fitbit giveaway, no entries for t-shirts just yet, but happy to have gotten to bless some websites with Church Hosting & the SUMMERTIME promo code discount to save them a few bucks! All still active!

So hope your summer is going well, and that you can take some time and enter and participate in the fun! Got any questions? Drop me a text (SMS # is on the Facebook Page), IM, Email, Live Chat, or the Community Forum! All ready to field any questions you may have! Take Care More Soon!