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Lending a Hand!

Some of you may or may not know that I do my best to truly extend help when I can – sometimes the need is bigger than I can help with, but when I can I like to help out groups with webspace – Church Hosting is a daily giving of that as I want Churches to have free hosting as a blessing!

If you have a ministry/outreach or just a story like this – please contact me, Flockhosting may be able to help!

Lauren’s Ride (Website)

The Ride was created by John, Lauren’s brother, who wants to help his sister obtain her goal of independence.  Lauren is a 22 year old quadriplegic, the result of an accident seven years ago.  She has been unable to walk without assistance and has relied on family and friends to drive her to where she needs to be – even with public transportation, she still must rely on someone to get her to the bus or train station.  With the cost of a vehicle for Lauren running into the $50,000 range, John realized he could raise funds to help out by exercising one of his talents – cycling.  John will be riding his bike from California to New York in September, with the support of his family, friends and community, and would appreciate any help you can give.

Donations for Lauren’s Ride will primarily go toward purchasing and maintaining an adapted vehicle – and donations beyond the cost of that will be assisting her in her new life as an independent young woman.  Please click on the links above to find out more about Lauren, John, and the trip he’s taking to help his sister.  You can also follow along with media coverage and read John’s blog – when he isn’t too exhausted, he will be writing along the way!

Excited to help out on this, thus why the Blog was in-and-out today, re-configuring my personal webserver which houses the Blog and some of my personal sites to be able to handle the spikes that the website may get, it recently had some attention from Wil Wheaton on his Tumblr and G+ accounts which was a tremendous help – however it took the site effectively offline from the surge of traffic.

So after a call from my friend Amy Jones, she asked if I could lend a hand and I am! FlockHosting is stepping in to provide some hosting – hopefully helping handle the load in a less “shared” hosting environment, and too using some things I have learned over the years with hosting high traffic websites! The site will move over tonight , so take a minute and read up, and if you have a cause on-going and need some help in hosting or planning your website – please don’t hesitate to let me know!