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Server Upkeep

Working on some servers tonight to provide some upgrades to system resources to the following servers:

  • Solomon (CPU/DRIVE)
  • Praise (CPU)
  • Koinonia (CPU)
  • FlockHosting.com (CPU)
While some servers are simply getting a CPU upgrade a quick upgrade and reboot is all that is required – however Solomon as noted above is getting a DRIVE upgrade, this process can last as long as 2 hours depending on how quickly the drive images to the larger storage.
I apologize for the brief notice, all servers are backed up and best practices will be used in the upgrade process for each of these servers – To process this in the least peak times windows for work will start at 11:30pm (Check for Your Local Time) – I hope to keep impact minimal, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to catch me on one of these resources (Communicate with Me!)
11:55PM (Update): All servers are upgraded CPU wise, drive image took less time and is all re-sized with some additional storage! We are good to go and back online!