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Customer Appreciation — Week 4 (Day 4)

So the adventure continues! I have a busy week ahead next week building out all the final goodies from this week! I am prepping of course for my 5k on Saturday so been getting some additional prep in and of course packing as its out of town – but you’ll start to see more and more of the goodies (New Webmail & Resources) coming up and online this next week as I’m back to a normal schedule again!

Day 4! We made it! Had a lot of fun, and still more folks sent me a note in disbelief about how one could just give away free hosting like that, well its my honor to do so! I am truly happy to be able to bless customers with goodies – be it add-ons of additional resources, free hosting or a fun gadget like oh I don’t know a Kindle Paperwhite with a $25 Amazon Gift Card. I mean just a thought 🙂

So here’s how you can get your hands on one of Amazon’s latest Kindle lines and some spending money… but first a fair note – this is still a pre-order item, As it stands current ship date is not till October 22nd, so please know this is a prize that will also test your patience 🙂 BUT onto the how you get this…


As per the giveaways this month, this is for FlockHosters Only! How do you get a chance to win? Why share your favorite books of course! Wait no… that wasn’t it… Share your favorite recipes? Oh come now this must be clever! What would justify a giveaway that as you have sene from this week alone could get well… crazy 🙂

Ah I have it! If this was something you could only have to give away, who would you gift it to and why? For instance:

As much as I do want this handy dandy little Kindle, I do have my original and it still serves me well 🙂 but if I got it as a gift, I’d give it to my mom, she loves reading she has a kindle fire, but long-time reading (as she tends to do!) isn’t as battery efficient as this one is supposed to be + its backlit so no more pesky book lights to position and try to fidget with – it would simply work! She’d be a happy reader!

And since this is a giveaway a tad later in the afternoon – this one will be open thru Sunday and Close 1AM on Monday Morning – winner will be announced likely Monday Mid-Day after I’m back and situated – probably in Video Form. Entries are preferred in the comments here, but if you are unfamiliar with this system, email, videos, IM’s, carrier pigeons, smoke signals (must live within 10 miles of my house) 🙂 send em in! 

So there you have it, take a minute and think about it – as much as you may want this, or love this, but who would love it even more as a surprise gift! And based upon the last give away of hosting, who knows how crazy… or how on-par this will be 🙂 Join in the fun and you never know how big the blessing will be!


But wait… there’s more…

What’s the fun in a giveaway that a single person wins? Yesterday I did announce the migration of all accounts to the newest package sizes and offerings that new customers benefit from – what else could one add? Well you all will now be on the $5/$10 packages listed on Flockhosting so you get more goodies + additional storage and bandwidth, that sounds good right?

Well what if those standard packages got an upgrade? Oh yes, I’m doing it again – as of October 1, 2012 – The $5 and $10 package sizes go up! A new standard for all hosted accounts! No requests for upgrades, no special coupon codes – more.

  • $5 Package
    • 1GB -> 1.5GB (You’ll have 2GB!) Storage
    • 20GB -> 30GB (You’ll have 31GB!) Bandwidth
  • $10 Package
    • 2GB -> 2.5GB (You’ll have 3GB!) Storage
    • 20GB -> 30GB (You’ll have 31GB!) Bandwidth

So there you have it! Something more and as an active customer during this Customer Appreciation Month, those extras are specific to your accounts! Sets you apart from new accounts coming in, you’ll have that little bit more always attached to your account! But please be patient with Me on these upgrades, still a lot of work ahead of me to get things all together and in place! If you are in dire need of the additional resources open a ticket and I’ll assist on a case by case basis – but I hope by October’s end to have everyone all patched up and resourced up!

Some users I’ll note now will be needing to re-located to a new server to ensure resources are not stretched too thin, but I’ll be working on any migrations to ensure they are as painless as possible! So keep an eye here on the blog as things progress!

Happy Day 4!


3 thoughts on “Customer Appreciation — Week 4 (Day 4)

  1. That’s a tough call, but it’s the perfect time of year to ask. I’m in the midst of Birthday Season in my family, so I have plenty of options. Within the past few weeks, my wife,both boys and my brother had their birthdays. A month ago was my sister-in-law’s birthday and next month is my mom’s birthday. So, how to choose which one of them would get a Kindle from me. (By the way, it’s totally out of our budget guidelines to spend that much on presents.)

    My brother doesn’t like reading, so he’s out. I’m pretty sure my mom and sister-in-law already have Kindles and, try as I may, my wife isn’t sold on the idea. (She’s happy with carrying around old-school books). Which leaves me with the littles (my boys – 8 and 10 years old).

    They both already enjoy reading and, knowing how the Kindle got me reading a lot more this past year, it would likely stoke their fires of reading enjoyment. Plus, I have a lot of opportunities to get books for their age range in digital format moreso than getting the physical copies (free/cheaper on Amazon, through my media connections, etc.) and many times, they don’t get to read them as often because I’m using my Kindle. But if they had one to share… that would work.

    So, if I had a Kindle to give away, I would give it to the littles because I think they would read more because of it and besides, the look on their faces when they get something special is priceless.

    • As for book recommendations, I highly endorse the Bright Empires Series by Stephen Lawhead. The third installment just came out this month and I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. There’s time travel, inter-dimensional travel, mystery, intrigue, and tattoos. What more could you ask for. (Book 1 is The Skin Map: http://amzn.to/Pwusvg)

      As for recipes… that’s not my thing, but I used to have a mean snickerdoodle recipe in my head somewhere. Haven’t made them for years, though.

  2. If I go the Kindle with the $25 gift card I would either give it to my mom since she loves to read and hasn’t been exposed to this technology or one of my sisters since they both like reading, this way they could load up the bible and take it to work, having less to carry and more to read, it would also help them to memorize Hebrews (what our church is doing) by allowing them to carry the bible everywhere they went. The $25 dollar gift-card I would give to my mom so that she can get something for herself (or get her something myself) since she probably wont want to spend the money on herself.
    Thanks for the excellent hosting, amazing support service, and great giveaways!
    God Bless

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