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Customer Appreciation — Week 4 (Day 5 & 6)

My access is a tad limited as my connection is now for some reason deciding that all of my websites (and a few datacenters) are all “dangerous” due to a glitch with T-Mobile’s hotspot access claiming 2/3 of the websites I visit are actually something else entirely – so I am routing thru some access at home!

Day 5 & 6 are here (Sorry it’s a little late!) but starting at Day 5… Viewer’s Choice – heck I am doing it for both day 5 & 6! Thru Monday I am going to leave some open ended options for your websites! I know in the weeks past when asked if you had some extras or additions for your website you have posted “More Storage” or “More Bandwidth” lets get wild and think outside of the box!  – post your dream!  Be it a feature, a function, a piece of software etc. post your wildest and let’s see what we can make happen!

If your idea is picked there is something in your future in the way of goodies…. I don’t want to say it so all your fighting for is some randomy shiny goodie, go wild and wait and see 🙂 So post a comment, send an email or IM this one closes same as the standing Kindle offer, just needs a post saying what you want and it can be as simple/detailed as you so desire.

I’ll be back to base Sunday evening, so better access to interact – thank you everyone for your patience, too if your having some misc. issues with email getting blocked as spam this week I’ll be writing a few quick guides on how to whitelist and too be adding some common email domains to the whitelist to get your emails flowing again.

Thanks for reading, more soon! Sorry for lack of posting all over, as I can easily navigate but hope to have this all patched up before any future trips!

Good Night All!

6 thoughts on “Customer Appreciation — Week 4 (Day 5 & 6)

  1. I still think a really sweet addition would be some sort of a managed ad server. We could all profit share with you.

    Another nice thing would be help or tools to help with SEO. I’ve had ScribeSEO (http://scribecontent.com/) and All in One SEO pack for wordpress recommended, but haven’t really wanted to shell out the money for either yet.

    That’s a couple ideas out of the box…

    • cPanel has some SEO stuff I’ve kept in the wings… its not free as I understand it, but I’ll enable it as a starter to that idea and see if it thats a good start – but a point of clarification – Managed Ad Server, are you wanting something you control 100% to manage ads and such? -or- are you wanting a FlockHosting powered Ad System you can add to your site and I’d do the leg work for advertisers?

      • I was thinking something that Flockhosting would manage and make available to sites. I know you’ve done ad serving in the past (or are at least familiar with the process) and thought it would be a good way to bring in revenue all around. FH + site sharing in the profits, whether that ends up being credits for account fees or actual payouts. I know it’s a lot of leg work to deal with advertisers, so that’s why it’s not in the box.

        • Okay – I know I could probably drum up some FlockHosters who’d love to be involved, and just make some fair “FlockHosting” rates then have Non-Customer rates + Any Parties you’d like to have and manage manually I suppose – something to could be sketched out for sure… even know a few good pieces of software 🙂

  2. I’m not too sure about whats available but I second Brenten with the “managed ad server idea” and the tools to help with SEO, maybe something that works outside of WordPress too? or paid membership to one of the many web resource sites, Adobe products, web design/graphic design time, site/product promotion?
    hmmmm… that’s all I have for tonight, if something else pops up in my head I will come back and let you know.

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