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Customer Appreciation — Week One!

Customer Appreciation Month!


It has been a great year here at FlockHosting! Have had fun building up for the 10 Year Anniversary and now to celebrate with you all again! Super excited! So on to the fun!

To start things off we have our week sponsor who is Joe Mazza (Website) – Joe is a relative newbie to FlockHosting he joined back in February of this year and has been nothing but a blessing to work with and an encouragement to me! He’s come along and played in some of the fun on Twitter, participated in some of the 10 Year Fun and walked away with a subscription to Tuts+! Great guy to work with!

In honor of Joe all customers are having added to their accounts Trendy Site Builder – it allows you to create some great websites with only a few clicks and is a great addition to the already available  RVSiteBuilder – so gives you even more ways to build your website! And its now too Standard on all accounts! Should be online by Friday so keep an eye out!

In addition – what celebration wouldn’t be complete without a discount? 30% off sound good? Well thats what I am offering, you can invite your friends to use it, maybe you have a new site idea, or maybe your mom needs a blog 🙂 But this code is good to all visitors, and is 30% off your order so you/they/them/that guy, could save big! The code is CAM30OFF so spread the word! Code is good the entire month of September!

Oh but you know me, what is a celebration without a few giveaways? Oh here’s what to expect!

  • Random Hosting Giveaways to Current Customers – Ranging from 1-12 Months of Access! This will be randomly offered on Twitter and Facebook – all you have to do, is a quick requirement of the Tweet or Post and first in according to Facebook/Twitter time stamp – wins!
  • Continued Offering of Nexus 7 Tablet from June/July
  • Random Account Upgrades!
  • Gift Cards to….. Oh well where’s the surprise in telling? Given to folks commenting/joining in the fun!
  • One BIG Surprise @ Month’s End… hints will follow each week!

So hopefully you’ll stick around! And to get things off and rolling here’s a video to do a bit of catch-up! Sorry for it being a little dark and audio kinda scratchy!

Links from Video:


3 thoughts on “Customer Appreciation — Week One!”

  1. Hey Chuck! I have been out of town and just checked this! Wow- in honor of me and my (currently neglected) site?!?! You and Flockhosting are the best. I’ve been recommending you every chance I got. Not sure I’ve been successful but I’m trying!

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