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Customer Appreciation – Week Two!

Greetings on day two of this week two! Missed a day focusing all my efforts on working out Church Hosting, it held for a night, but had some additional issues today, but were back online now! PTL! Thanks to everyone for their prayers! Has not made much room for quality sleep as folks keep telling me “You look tired!” – I am indeed! but such is the job!

Just to get some quick news on Koinonia out there off the bat for anyone wondering, the last update on the RAID rebuild, was it was 86% completed, its a LONG process on average, but too folks using the SAN helps slow it down, so to do my part, I’ve disabled cPanel & FTP to help reduce our footprint and hopefully do our part to speed things along with less overall things working on the server – I’ll post another blog/tweet/status once things are nearly back to normal 100%!

On with much needed fun!


So you may of saw this guy, with a tiny mailbox earlier on Facebook, or a tweet about a giveaway – well this week in addition to the movie below giving some details, I am doing a bit of a giveaway! 10 folks in the process of this week will be getting their hands on a full copy of Postbox 3!

The software has some great features which tie in to your social networks, and help your email look great you can check out all of the features here – but truly a great piece of software –AND– it works on Mac and PC! (Sorry Linux Guys… but I still love you, and I use Pine too!) 😀

How does one get a copy of this software? Simply? Get the word out about the fun of Customer Appreciation Month! There are great giveaways still to come for customers, and while I could be out going after other companies customers who have suffered outages lately – I have found word of mouth always sits better than a owner coming out going “hey have I got a deal for you…” 🙂

So tweet and tag @flockhosting, or share on Facebook the FlockHosting page, or BCC me in a email you send to a friend! Each day I’ll select 2 people for the next 5 days for anyone who participates and randomly select a set of winners! As long as your updates on social networks aren’t private I’ll put your name in the hat for the daily drawing! Starts today, but as its a late start, you’ll be entered into tomorrow’s drawing – no limit on entries, just don’t be spammy!

The Video….

While I had planned to release this later, I figured no time like the present! Onto the video (scroll further to get to the text version if you don’t want to see me… I won’t be hurt… no go ahead…):

This week is sponsored by Al Warner (website) – great guy and wonderful customer always willing to work with me on things and keeps me in his prayers! Great guy to work with, and in his honor you are all getting added to your accounts ASSP Spam Filter for cPanel – when recording the video I noted by weeks end, it will likely be a project for the weekend and live by Monday same as Trendy Site Builder due to the delays with working on Koinonia.

Thanks to everyone for playing along and having fun on Twitter, going to keep the fun going here too – stay tuned this week for posts on giveaways, same with Facebook and Twitter too!