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Customer Appreciation + SPAM Filter

Good Morning! I have had a busy couple of days, later this evening a final day of Customer Appreciation Month will come down as I had planned for Sunday, but traveling most of the day, and my connection being an issue – just wasn’t possible, so 1 more day of goodies coming tonight, so stay tuned there! But the weekend had a few emails in and they were all regarding the new ASSP Spam Filter.

So while I do love Customer Appreciation Month and 10 Year Anniversaries, I must also too address the things on-going, not as fun always, but I want this new filter to be a powerful tool for all customers and not a headache. While no one has threatened to run me out of town on a rail, or vote me off the island – I do need to provide a clearer set of instructions to better empower you to combat spam, allow in good email and just be better equipped with this new tool!

But too I am fine-tuning things still, each server has been different in how this filter learns and adapts, how it builds its own whitelists based upon your emailing habits – I am going to be making some adjustments today to how it all works, adding some common domains to white lists (and ensuring it works) may of missed a step this weekend but attempting to add common sites which folks have had blocks on like @t-mobile.com and @etsy.com – both of which like to email you goodies and confirm a working email address, however it doesn’t follow up confirmations and get whitelisted, its automated – so no human goes “Oh I need to reply” so going to be patching things up there to get things running smoother.

Next step too is adding “SpamBox” which will collect your email that comes in as spam and give you a spot to find it, decide Spam or Ham and truly begin to better “train” your filters to serve you better – and while this may be some additional leg work you weren’t expecting, like any tool once y0u learn to use all its bells and whistles (or even just a bell) you can do some pretty awesome things to help eliminate spam from your Inbox and get only the good stuff!

So stay tuned, lots to catch-up on this week! Final Customer Appreciation day is TODAY so be sure to comment on the other two posts (Post 1 & Post 2)

2 thoughts on “Customer Appreciation + SPAM Filter

  1. For what it’s worth, I just poked through the ASSP logs in cPanel and it seems like it’s doing a good job. Probably just a better understanding that it’s there and how to use that interface would help a lot. Once I saw this post, I realized that it was there and remembered to take a peek.


    • It does quite a job indeed, though some automated emailings from various providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Etsy, eBay and others have gotten caught as “Unsolicited” email and its making a hard block, so going to fine-tune some and add on the Spambox function which should provide all email accounts on server with a /spambox folder off which can be accessed via IMAP or Webmail, from there you can train it by forwarding mail that’s not-spam to assp-notspam@yourdomain.com and it’ll learn 🙂

      It’s all coming together! If I could learn how to get away with not sleeping I’d be so much more productive! 😀

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