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Post Turkey Update

While my original plans for Thanksgiving were to do a lot of nothing, my friend graciously invited me to their family gathering and I had a blast, followed up with some brief rest – I did hit the midnight sales and such walking away with a few goodies (Socks… yes I got socks) – but I wanted to take some time to update you guys on some things on-going, as well as some Cyber Monday goodies to stay tuned for – so read on!

Cyber Monday EXTRAVAGANZA! (yes it’s in caps, and green!)

So deals deals deals, as I watched last night as people sped down isles, carts hit shins and ankles, everyone loves a deal – and while a lot of customers don’t always need to sign-up for another account – Monday may change your mind! Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect on Monday!

  • Coupons for 50-75% off floating around the website.
  • Special Packages for Domain + Hosting + Application Setup (Blog/Gallery/Shop/etc)
  • A Random Act of Upgrade or Two ūüôā
  • A¬†surprise¬†for 1 lucky visitor to FlockHosting.com
  • Scavenger¬†Hunt on all social media sites, this blog and flockhosting.com – Could find discounts, credits, and more!
So be sure to check in on Cyber Monday, should be fun!

Business Card Giveaway

Some of you have asked, and I am getting packs of 25 cards ready to go, want one? Post a comment, let me know if you want 1 pack or three, or twelve! I am wanting to give all these cards away and floating around the world, and get new cards for 2013 on their way to the printer to have for a new year! So please take a minute and post if you would like one! They will be going out to your address on file in the customer zone!

Town Hall Meeting!

How’s your Tuesday night? Want a little face time with me to talk about FlockHosting’s Upcoming year? Want to just pop in and say “HI!” well then this is for you! Tuesday November 27th at 4pm Pacific for 2 hours I’ll be hanging out on Google+’s “Hangout” system – which is a multi-user Video Chat – you will get to see this wildly bearded face ready to talk about FlockHosting, about your website, about services, about things you’d like to see happen on your account!

So if you can make it please stop on by! Link will be posted 30 minutes before start, can even come in and talk to me then!

Server Updates

Posted the changes about servers coming a while back – an update: Were getting there! What’s been accomplished:

  • Anti-Spam Filter (ASSP): The system is doing much better as its gotten some time to learn what you consider SPAM and HAM – keep training it, if you have it find something thats “GOOD” send it in, if bad gets by send it in as “BAD” and keep helping improve its filtering.
  • Frontpage Farewell: Only 2 servers have Frontpage still installed – Should have all sorted by weeks end, Farewell Frontpage we loved you!
  • cPanel Upgrades: Most servers had no issue upgrading to the latest cPanel release which announced improved Support for Windows 7 as well as Mountain Lion and Windows 8 Support for WebDrive, but too some Email Archiving Options and a slew of other goodies – be sure to explore around cPanel today!
  • And more in the works

Some more things are on the way, working on fine-tuning a few things, we’ve had mixed issues with some of the recent additions due to licensing and billing issues, my card wasn’t working on a few, working to get that patched up here in the next few weeks – so stay tuned!


Holiday Gift Cards?

This year I am going to be offering some package deals which have coupons attached to them, say you want your mom to blog with her own domain? Working to setup packages for Blogging, eCommerce, and a few other things as well as basic “Domain + Hosting” and you can purchase a coupon code for 6,12,24,48 months of access for things! Hoping to have these ready for Cyber Monday goodies, but if not by the first week of December!


In closing…

I am thankful for all of you as customers, it has been a wild year of fun, and big changes both company & personal wise! But thanks for all of you sticking it out with FlockHosting! More great things on the horizon! Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving and look forward to a great December of fun!