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Church Hosting (Koinonia) Update

So over the last 5 days Koinonia has had a rough patch, some issues with the storage array created a few more problems than just some downtime – email and a few other sub-systems were effected by some data corruption which wasn’t at first apparent as some a large portion of folks utilize Google Apps and there is not a huge amount of use on subsystem.

However a few folks reported issues and I began digging in and found some errors – most of the problems are fixed now, but I am still monitoring for 2 more days very closely to ensure we are 100% back up to par, as I have always said Church Hosting just because it is free doesn’t mean it gets less support – to that end a plan is in place.

If I notice anything in the next two days (or at all this week for that matter) I’ll be deploying a fresh server – 100% from the ground up ready to go, and I’ll begin migrating customers to the new server – all of your data, email accounts, configuration, etc. will all be backed up, moved, and DNS adjusted to a new Koinonia, a fresh install ready to get going – the process should take roughly 1 hour as I’ll be making adjustments to the DNS refresh rates so that it will roll over quicker and once things are sorted it’ll go back to standard.

But if this happens I will be sending out a email blast to all churches on Koinonia with a time frame of when all this will happen, my goal will be a 24 hour notice – granted if something crops up which is dangerous or puts data at further risk with delay, I’ll be escalating this plan – but as it is, things are much much more stable and running a lot smoother – so hopefully we’ll be good to go, and I’ll schedule a migration none the less at a later date and time with more advanced warning.

I do apologize for the outages and hiccups with email – I am working on making sure everything is running smoothly and that plans are in place to ensure things are working at 100% and your sites are functioning properly but your prayers for this matter are appreciated, as I do like to get some sleep, and when things aren’t working I don’t tend to sleep till its functional again, thus why at nearly 11pm things are running smoother and I can get a few hours in again before I get back to monitoring and fine tuning things again.

Stay tuned, more blog posts to follow!