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Good News Everyone!

big-heartSo part of what I’ve been working on is really firming up infrastructure, and sadly the issues with Koinonia & Praise took a priority to building, but as things are calming down, I am working to do some upgrades! First on the docket are 3 key servers namely:

  • fh1.flockhosting.com (nameserver)
  • fh2.flockhosting.com (nameserver)
  • solomon.flockhosting.com

I’ll be doing some rolling reboots of each of these servers, downtime should be incredibly minimal, with FH1/FH2 – one will be taken down while the other holds the DNS traffic, then after FH2 is back, FH1 will follow suit with a slightly longer outage as I am migrating it quickly to another piece of hardware – but this will actually take place tonight but no customer should see downtime, just possible slight lag, but hope to keep it minimal.

Solomon will actually be upgraded Tuesday Night (3/19) /Early Early AM on Wednesday (3/20), wee hours of the morning to prep for a few folks from Praise making the move over, but should be at worst 1 hour downtime as some new hardware is added on including upgraded CPU, storage and just a hint more memory 🙂 Should make room for the 3 accounts coming to live on Solomon and not decrease any performance, to any other customers.

If you have any questions about any of this, leave a comment or always feel free to communicate with me any questions/concerns you may have!