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Quick Upgrades / Maintenance [Rescheduled 3/28-29]

work-n-manAs I am trying to keep things rolling on improving the performance and resources for all servers, I am occasionally going to be doing some late night maintenance which may result in some minor downtime over the next few nights – most I won’t post too much about when it comes to upgrading PHP/Apache – as downtime will be VERY minimal, quick reboots of the software, but some nights like tonight might require more.

Tonight I have a few quick upgrades and reboots to-do, and its the first window the Datacenter could give me today and since I am wanting to ensure things are done sooner than later – a quick bit of downtime (30 minutes to 1 hour, but on average has been 30 or less) will be needed.

Tonight (10PM Pacific/ 3/29 – 12AM CDT)the servers being effected are:

  • Homestar
  • Shepherd
  • Trogdor

So I do apologize for the short notice – but I really want to keep moving forward ensuring things are running smoothly, efficiently and truly minimize the long-outages with some more and more preventative maintenance – if you are unsure of the server you are and are unsure, simply goto the cPanel login for your website, and the URL in your browser will change for instance if your on Shepherd it will read: https://shepherd.flockhosting.com:2083/ – the first part “shepherd” is the name of the server!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, and always feel free to communicate with me anyway you’d like to!