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Server Migrations – The Plan

work-n-manI have finally had a chance to get some sleep in, and finished up the plan to move some things around and it should be rather quick and painless – I am making some changes to your DNS if you are managing your own DNS keep an eye out for a ticket regarding your site(s) move, as it will contain new information on how to make adjustments to point to new IP’s – there will be 2 migrations, one for Praise and another for Koinonia, and here is the plan!

Praise will be making a migration this next week on Wednesday March 20th at 10PM (Pacific) – I will be sending each of you information about the move – and nothing will change resource wise, you’ll still have the resources promised in the original giveaway all those many moons ago!

Koinonia will be making a migration over the next weekend starting Friday March 22nd at 10PM (Pacific) – As this is Church Hosting, I am doing a few modifications as things are *slightly* different on Church Hosting accounts, and need to get things all moved around and sitting pretty with the new hardware.

Now this was going to happen much sooner however on top of everything else on-going, cPanel released a new version which I wanted to settle in first before making a HUGE jump between servers and having more issues, so I do appreciate your patience!

The goal in this move is speedy-move! I am making some adjustments in how frequently servers look for updates, this is called TTL (Time to Live) – making some adjustments to this will help speed along the DNS changes to your visitors! If your managing your own DNS the ticket will let you know what and when to make adjustments to your Zone Files to speed along with the rest of us.

This process should be painless, as this isn’t my first round of migrations – over the years the process has gotten better and better, so hoping for a quick data transfer, and a quick DNS update to get things moved over and much more stable!

If you have any questions in the mean time please don’t hesitate to contact me with ANY questions you may have! Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend in the mean time, and I’ll be in touch!

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