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The Wild Week is Over!

After weeks of server outages, and lack of sleep…. I am happy to report we are migrated! What started this week with adjustments, and tune-ups to accommodate customers to other servers and ended with the new Church Hosting server online and all churches moved – I am feeling much better about where things stand.

To re-cap what’s happened this week:

  • Deployed Upgrades to our DNS Servers
  • Deployed Upgrades to Solomon
  • Light Tune-Up of Server
  • Removal of ASSP Spam Filtering from Solomon and Koinonia
  • Migration of Praise to Solomon
  • Migration of Koinonia to New Hardware

Most of this happened in the late night hours and tonight God was good and the transfer of Church Hosting zipped along quite quickly! So now we wait for things to settle.

I do want to thank everyone for their patience and prayers, I know not all customers were effected, but no matter the number of customers or churches, I want to strive to ensure things are running online and smoothly – so I pray these changes are indeed something that’ll strengthen uptime for months to come!

As always if any of this raises any questions you can always communicate with me any questions or concerns you may have! Catch me on Google Talk, Live Chat, Facebook, Twitter, or even good ol Email 🙂 Have a GREAT weekend all! If you notice any problems with any of the recent changes on Koinonia or Praise, please contact me ASAP – the old server hardware will be shut down Tuesday.

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