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Customer Appreciation Week 1!

In years past customer appreciation has been a big big big big big big big big big big deal 🙂 Giveaways, upgrades, and more – this year…. It’s no different. Some  giveaways are planned for this week, with the FlockUpdate some giveaways coming too, but some is just improvements to general service and functionality of FlockHosting! So first things – The Customer Zone.

Customer Zone Improvements

I’ve been working on trying to improve upon the communication I have with all customers. The customer zone is one of the key places of information much like this blog, it gives you the ability to make a trouble ticket for assistance, it gives you the ability to order services & keep your information up to date, however the billing software has been in need of some improvements!

What’s Changed?

  • Improved Email – Email anymore is getting harder and harder to get through to customers, I have been wanting to improve the flow of communication for tickets so I have re-worked the email system to handle things better with tickets.
  • Improved Order Handling – This is going to keep improving, working to make the order process even easier, so stay tuned for even more improvements.
  • Ticket Improvements – I am looking to know how I’m doing, now tickets will follow up asking for your review, I am looking in how I can improve upon how you are all supported be it free church hosting or paid customers!
  • Security Improvements – Security is key. And now that’s what you can add to your account to ensure additional security! If you have an iPhone (Store Link) or Android (Store Link) device you can add an additional layer of security to ensure that your account is even more secure, All you need to do is login, goto Security in your profile settings and scan a QR Code and you’re off and running!
  • Improving Email Templates – One thing asked for quite often is an improvement to the emails you get from FlockHosting, and I’m working on it, improvements which will point to the new knowledge base as well as old on some great resources to get off and running.

In the coming October FlockUpdate I’ll showcase a bit more of a walkthrough with the Two-Factor security for a better review and explanation as many want more security I’m happy to offer it!

More is in the works this month, customer appreciation will come through the upcoming weeks! Including some options to get on board in the Founders Club and help support FlockHosting’s growth! So stay tuned to the blog more goodies are coming!