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FlockUpdate for November 2013

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Show Notes:

  • Winners are!:
    • Chris M. – AppleTV
    • Brenten G. – Chromecast
    • Joe M. – Chromecast
    • Joel B. – 12 Months of Hosting
    • Jarryd G. – 6 Months of Hosting
  • Free Credit & Coffee still available through the month of November! (Learn How)
  • New Server Ruth! Latest Tech and Template for 2014 Servers!
  • Crowdfunding – Self hosted with fun perks! Shirts, Mugs, and More! Help me build FlockHosting & Church Hosting
  • Billing Hiccup all sorted out!
  • Help Support Church Hosting with your comments about the service!
  • Updates to Church Hosting Website Coming Soon!
  • Married & Moving in! (The green is tortooga!)
  • FlockHosting Services to be Revamped! New Services, Old Services, Just more of what FlockHosting can do for you!