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Let’s Do Support

work-n-manSupport has always been a big deal to Me. I was too once a customer of a hosting company and I remember when I opened tickets and sometimes waited a day for a reply. It could be stressful, especially when your website is one that you want to be up and online always. It’s your business, your blog, your staff portal – It needs to work.

I have spent nearly 2 weeks going through support systems out there, finding ways to augment what FlockHosting currently has – a system which all in all works “okay” but it’s that less than 1% that bothers Me, a failed ticket giving me the dreaded response of:

No message found.

Someone used a email client which my support system didn’t quite understand, so I am left not knowing what the other person is trying to let me know isn’t working, or what they need help on – one word for that: ugh!

Another issue? Attachments. Someone says:

But Chuck it’s really happening! Look here’s a screen shot I took of it!

The attachment is never seen. I still have no idea what is going on as the attachment gets lost in the mix, so I have no idea how I can help.

You might say it’s a tiny problem, less than 1% – why go to the trouble? Because my customers are worth it to me to get something flowing that’ll make their experience even better, so over the weekend I deployed a new support system which you can reach via email or the customer zone! How? What? Huh? Let me explain what I’ve done….

Can We Talk?I tried about 10 systems or so, reviewed probably 20 or more just looking at features – some were OVERKILL! They had features for days, to handle call centers, text messaging, voice mails, twitter, facebook, google+ and more – it was awesome, but the price tag grew and grew and grew – what I needed was probably 4 of those features, and I didn’t want something toooooo complex. I too like simple. So what’s simpler than emailing in for help? Well emailing in of course 🙂

The old systems I’ve used here at FlockHosting always gave you some cryptic ticket number, so say you had a request for email you’d get a email with the subject [FOD2-D02491] Email Problems – Well you knew it was a ticket, but it made you feel a tad less personal, so this new system isn’t about ticket numbers, it’s about communicating with customers – you have a need? You can login to the customer zone and hit “Open Ticket” a small window will emerge and you can jot down something there – if you are an email fan, you can email in from your registered email on-file (aka your customer zone login) with no need to login, just email and go! Really simple to do so too:


It’s that easy! No complicated requirements, just email in and the rest is handled by the system!

Oh but that’s not all, I still have all the ways on the communicate page, one of which got a tune-up through this process which is Live Chat! If you open a Live Chat while logged into the customer zone, I get a chat labeled with your Name & Email! Great for tying into this new system! So even another way I can keep track of support issues in real-time!

So why all the work? Why all the tune-ups and tweaks? I want FlockHosting to be the best! Even if it’s folks who are using Church Hosting, I want support to be top-notch! I want to add more to the Knowledge Base (which will get a makeover as well as it moves in with the new support system) and gets a LOT of new articles for folks to utilize to learn about how to manage their website!

Wrapping up I’ll simply say more good things are coming! I am wanting to get even more great features, more resources and more fun! We have another Customer Appreciation day coming up later this year, and with all the changes underway it looks to be an amazing Customer Appreciation day ahead! So stick around, more good things are coming! Have a BLESSED rest of your week!

Chuck Brown
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