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Church Hosting On Deck!

So paid customers this past week got a taste of new hardware and improvements to the servers, hopefully you are all enjoying it! And while Crowdfunding for Church Hosting really didn’t take off sadly, that doesn’t change that I still have a view of Church Hosting growing.

So why stop growth? Two servers both really just maxing out and filling up – well it’s time to kick it up a notch while I’m at it, let’s make a new server and we will call it simply…


We’ve had Fellowship and Koinonia both servers are nearly full – I try to keep some room but when the demand keeps up at on average 2-4 accounts a month sign-up, it’s time to really buckle down and make a way for Churches to Grow. More room for Email, more room for MP3 sermons and much much more! Let’s just be honest, I haven’t given up my dream of a big Church Hosting platform that rocks! Here’s still my dream list:

  • Email Only Service (similar to Google Apps)
  • Massive Storage
  • Video Streaming
  • Audio Streaming
  • Windows Hosting
  • Help Making Apps for Android/iPhone
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Programming
  • Pre-Fab WordPress Setup (fill in the blanks!)

I’m going to step out in faith and KNOW that God is GOOD! Let’s get things setup for a bigger Church Hosting and take that step and see where God leads the next one!

The new server Church will bring the latest tech, the latest security enhancements, and even more room for growth as you need it! More CPU dedicated towards your websites! Let’s me be a good steward with the resources we have at hand, and toss as much as I can at the server to ensure your websites load quickly, safely, and have the latest and greatest!

So all sites are moving! I don’t have a date just yet, waiting for word on the new hardware in the morning from the Data Center – Likely Monday, but don’t quote me on that just yet! Fellowship & Koinonia will both re-locate! If you are managing your own DNS stay tuned, I’ll get a new IP to you!


Because I do have a vision of Churches saving money on hosting – saving the church even $50 a year is $50 to feed a family, fill a gas tank, you name it! Let the funds of the church be used to serve the community around it, and let me serve them on the web! Sadly I don’t always get every church to believe this is a free service, nor does every church see the self-hosted platform as the best way to get online, very few take and utilize the help I have offered! It’s not just a free lunch, dinner is included too!

Recently a church came on board, then when they found things to be difficult they just said “Point my domain at XYZ” and then even after that they were back a week later because they saw that service XYZ was charging for every.. little.. thing. I’m not.

So let me help you get your website online! I have been helping churches set up something that may not be a multi-million dollar website theme, but some great options out there for getting a great looking website, and many churches are having a great time making a website!

More is coming after the Church Migration, including easy upgrades and management by FlockHosting at again no cost! Things are getting good!

Stay tuned for more, I’ll newsletter on this and the next post coming Friday about a new service called FlockHosting Design! Stay tuned! Have a blessed night all!

4 thoughts on “Church Hosting On Deck!

  1. Thanks for your service. One question: I know that my email as configured as fellowship.flockhosting.com. Will I need to change it to church.flockhosting.com upon migration?

    • Jerry – After migration you will need to update from Fellowship -> Church in your email configuration – should be quick and painless! But should you have any problems, I’ll be here to help!

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