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Freshen Things Up!

Many moons ago a good man (and long-time FlockHoster) named Josh Renaud gave FlockHosting an amazing rebrand of FlockHosting, we went from this logo (lovingly created by me!):


And transformed it into the awesome little square you all have come to know when visiting FlockHosting:




Well over the last 24 hours I’ve worked to freshen things up a bit, not a ton but a subtle re-branding to smooth out some edges, and prep some things like the first batch of 20 T-Shirts to give away in addition to the give away still on-going for the ChromeCasts & Chromebook, I present what you likely see across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all FlockHosting services:


It’s the start of some freshening up of things around here! Just like my desire to really beef up posting here on the Blog, I do hope to add some things like T-Shirts, Sweaters, Mugs, etc. some cool goodies to further get the word out about FlockHosting!

More awesome services are coming to FlockHosting.com too, new packages including things like tuned up VPS packages, Reseller Packages, Dedicated Servers, and Managed WordPress with all the bells and whistles included, no more “Add-on” pricing! Help me really grow FlockHosting this year, it’s going to be a BIG year!

Check back here on the Blog tomorrow for updates on the final days of the contest to get new banners, promo codes and more reveals of giveaways to come!


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